The International Trade Commission

The International Trade Commission (ITC) is an organization that protects trademark owners from unfair competition abroad. The goal of the commission is to prevent such goods from being imported into and ultimately sold in the United States. ITC provides valuable assistance to the owners of registered marks, but it is possible to seek remedy even if your trademark is not yet registered. ITC remedies do not include monetary relief. The ITC process, including investigations, is usually expedited and can move to trial quickly. The ITC has the authority to issue both temporary and permanent orders of exclusion to prevent infringing goods to be imported, and thus shielding the public from being confused. If the outcome of the ITC proceeding is not what is desired, it is unlikely to have this changed by filing an action again in a district court. It is possible to push for criminal penalties for counterfeiters. The ITC is an organization available to help trademark owners and applicants protect their rights.

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