What is concurrent-use?

There are many different types of proceedings you may encounter as you try to register your trademark application or assert your rights as a trademark owner. One such is a Concurrent-Use proceeding. This a proceeding in regards to multiple registrations being issued to separate parties. This is done as a result of dividing areas of trade as ordered in court or decided by Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Generally, such registrations are issued when the trademarks are used in different territories and thus it is not likely to cause confusion. The first registered concurrent users will be notified. An answer may be entered within forty days, however no answer is necessary. The first registered user will usually be granted nationwide use and the second registered user will be restricted to only his area of use. Parties can work out agreements amongst themselves if they so decide. If this is done the TTAB must still accept it as to ensure there will be no likelihood of confusion.

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