Office Actions

All applications filed with the USPTO undergo review by an attorney examiner. The examiner’s job is to ensure that there are no procedural issues with your application and that the trademark you are seeking to obtain is eligible to register. If the examiner finds an issue with your application, they will issue an Office Action. Once issued you will have six months from that date it was issued to respond to all the issues it contains. If you do not respond to an Office Action within six months, then your application will be abandoned. Once abounded you have two months from the date of abandonment to file a petition of revival. If you respond to some, but not all, of the issued then the examiner will issue another Final Office Action meaning you have one last chance to comply with all the issues raised or else the application will be abandoned. Your only other option is to appeal to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Check the status of your trademark application regularly to make sure there was no Office Action issued. When responding make sure to respond to all issues raised by the examiner.

This blog is not legal advice and is not specific to your application. You should always consult an attorney.