Injunctive Relief

If your trademark has or been the subject of infringement, then the outcome of the case may involve injunctive relief. Injunctive relief is a form of remedy that can be granted before or after the trial. If granted before the trial, this preliminary injunction must be for cases likely to prevail and to prevent irreparable harm that outweighs harm to the defendant. An injunction after the trial is permanent and is again granted to prevent damage to the owner of the trademark and to prevent members of the public from being confused. Specifics of the injunction can vary. Sometimes the infringer is allowed to use up any existing stock, other times they may be ordered to destroy items found to be infringement. The injunction will clearly detail what actions it will apply to and will not be any broader than is necessary to prevent such infringement in the future. Injunctions can be modified if there have been changes in law or circumstance, are found to be too extreme, or no longer serve their purpose. Injunctions can also involve recalls, disclaimers, and corrective advertising.

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