Before and during pleadings regarding your trademark or application there are motions which can be used. Pretrial motions can be made that can terminate or expedite the process. Motions regarding jurisdiction, services, or venue can be made early on, but if not made the right to these motions are waived. Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) or preliminary injunction can be requested if irreparable injury may occur. This can even be done without notice to the other party so long as efforts to give notice can be shown and reasons are given as to why such a notice should not be required. In certain cases, expedited discovery can be requested in order to obtain the facts as soon as possible. A motion to dismiss the claim can be requested if the complaint is inadequate. Motions can be made to strike certain immaterial or redundant matter, summary judgment, to transfer to another venue, to divide claims into separate trials, and to obtain an attorney’s option. Pleadings can also be amended through motions if there are new facts are made available during discovery. Motions of limine can be made which are motions to exclude evidence that was not included during discovery or was inconsistent with the evidence provided during discovery. Know all your options as you plead your case.

This blog is not legal advice and is not specific to your application. You should always consult an attorney.