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The attorneys at are patent experts. In addition to having State Bar certifications, our attorneys are certified to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and have years of technical experience in many relevant technology fields. Areas of expertise include Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Financial and Business Methods, Systems and Technologies, Internet and Wireless communications and many other technical fields. Our law firm handles all types of patents, including:

Provisional Patent Applications Non provisional Patent Applications Design Patent Applications
Service Description:A provisional patent application is a lower-cost choice for establishing an effective earlier filing date for your future patent . Once filed, it allows you to utilize the phrase "Patent Pending" for your invention. A provisional patent application does not require claims and oath or declaration. The application is not evaluated or examined on its merits by the PTO. After filing, you have only ONE (1) year to file a non-provisional patent application based on the provisional, or else the application will be abandoned. A provisional patent application does not result in the issuance of a patent, but it only secures an earlier date for the later non-provisional application covering your invention. It also gives inventors extra time for funding or further development of the invention. A non-provisional utility patent application is filed in order to obtain a registered patent in the U.S. Utility patents protect how your invention is technically constructed, how it works and/or how your invented method operates and is used. A non-provisional patent application requires a detailed specification, description, claims and drawings, and an oath or declaration from each inventor. The non-provisional patent application process is long and detailed, as the application will be substantively examined and evaluated by one or more PTO examiners on its merits. The examination process in the PTO requires a very detailed description of the invention, which would demonstrate and describe how to use and implement the invention. It will usually require ongoing prosecution (correspondence with the PTO examiner) in order to respond to the examiner's rejections, objections and other formal responses (aka Office Actions). A design patent protects how your invention looks; not how it works. A design patent protects the non-functional, visual ornamental features of your invention. A design patent can also cover visual features such as the shape/configuration, surface ornamentation, or artwork on the surface, or some combination of these elements. Design patent applications can only have one claim, and require very detailed drawings showing the shape and all visual features from every angle (top, bottom, front, back, sides, elevated view).
Our fee range $1,500+ $3,500 + $1500
Government Filing Fee range $140 - $280$860 - $1720 $480 - $960

OR simply call us at (973) 317 2846

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